​5 Day ​Quilt ​Challenge

“ Anyone can make a quilt. Join me as I walk you through all the steps and you can create a stunning quilt in a week! ”

  • How to Cut: slice and dice your fabric accurately, including a binding strip.
  • Learn ALL Stages: not just creating the quilt top.  I show you how to make the sandwich, create the quilting texture and finally bind your completed quilt.
  • Start Small: working on a smaller step by step project to build your confidence
  • Signup for more info: get on the mailing list so you don't miss the start.  The challenge​ begins 22nd ​October 2017, don't miss out - signup now!

In this challenge you will discover:

The Ultimate Quilting Tools

What you really need to quilt and some extra goodies to make your life easier.

Video Support

Tutorial videos for each and every stage of the challenge.

Supportive group of Fellow Quilters

Find your best pals in the quilting world, our supportive group encourages, inspires, helps you  and celebrates your achievements.

Unlock Your Quilter's Confidence

I want to give you the confidence to work on your own quilts. As you walk through each step you will truly experience that "I Can Do It!!" feeling.

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