BTB2 – New Helper

A very long day yesterday, getting all the new stitch markers into the shop on time.  Photoshoots, editing and uploading.  I cut it fine but everything was in place by published the update schedule.  Sophie even ‘helped’ me out…

I got sidetracked slightly and added in an affiliate/advert management system to the new website.  This will allow the featured sponsors prominent position for their sponsor month.  Along with managing the affiliate links which fund the free tutorials and patterns.

Very excited that the new packaging is due to arrive today.  I can’t wait to play and share with everyone.

The packaging should be stunning and slightly different.

I will be launching the new format website this month, which is less than two weeks time!


So I am committing to reviewing and editing articles every day to ensure a smooth transition.  If any are missing, I’m giving myself some room for manouver, they will be added very soon after transition.

Today’s plans are:

  • write and submit a guest blog post
  • write and submit a crochet  proposal for an online magazine
  • photo shoot and new article about the amazing Will, the creator of our amazing stitchmarkers
  • Edit at least 5 article on new website
  • video 2 tutorials

Left over from yesterday I still need to:

  • write up the new Textilis Patterns for Cowl and Scarf
  • send a newsletter with CAL winners, reviews info and stitchmarker release

This goes to show that had I not been sidetracked by playing with the website I could have completed everything in the list yesterday.

I’ll do my best to stick to the list.



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