BTB12: Cable Challenge is Underway!

Today is the first day of the Cracking Cables Challenge.  I am  checking, double checking and triple checking the newsletters, links, videos etc.

Yes I checked the pattern is written correctly and everything is scheduled to go out to the world at 5pm GMT.

So nervous as for every other challenge something technical has let me down to date.  Hence all my checking like a manic person.

I will be running a live stream tomorrow at lunchtime so that is another layer of stress to be felt.

In future news I will be applying for the You Tube “Up Coming” award.  This is a weeks intensive training in London for channels which meet the critera set and there is a video recording to be made and a couple of essay style answers to be composed as to how I want to build my channel and what benefits I will be bringing to my audience.

It is a massive opportunity, I don’t expect to get very far with it but if I don’t even try I definitely won’t get anything.

I think that’s enough for now as I have to get ready for the net recording for the challenge.  See you tomorrow,

Babs x

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Babs Rudlin

I play with colour in both fabric and fiber. Creating patterns, challenges and tutorials for beginners and those who wish to learn new skills. My youtube channel is I provide reviews, tutorials, how to and more as services for other creators and service providers. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you today!

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