BTB4 – Big Decision

Yesterday I managed to write up two patterns, one of which the Springtime Shawl is available FREE through the website.

I also managed to pull myself together enough to submit three pattern proposals to a crochet publication.

Very nervous about the submissions but if not accepted I will have three new patterns to release for you all.

I have been editing tutorials and getting everything ready for you and now have a huge decision to take.

Last night I was sent some info that the current site does not support mobile phones at all.  Very disappointing to hear but that is why I’m working so hard to get the new version up and ready.

I now need to decide when to move to the new site.  Do I go for a working fully mobile compatible site with less than 20% of the original content or stick with the current site and then move when everything is 100% ready to go?

I have decided to ask my customers/readers for their input and will make my decision tomorrow.

My community are so important to me and I value your thoughts and opinions.  I want your experience with Fiery Phoenix and my tutorials, courses and patterns to be a wonderful and enriching one.

Today I will be editing more content whilst waiting in for a furniture delivery.  My priority is to get the Halloween and Trigonus CAL files ready.

Would you go with a new site and less content or wait for the full content to be ready?  Let me know in the comments below.

Babs x

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Babs Rudlin

I play with colour in both fabric and fiber. Creating patterns, challenges and tutorials for beginners and those who wish to learn new skills. My youtube channel is I provide reviews, tutorials, how to and more as services for other creators and service providers. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you today!

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