BTB7 – Good News and a Self Care Day

Yes!!!  I had some great feedback over the weekend.  Guest blogs are going to be written soon and I heard back some very positive news regarding one of my design submissions to a crochet magazine!

Finger crossed I may even be published!

I have been catching up with my Instagram pods as I have been spending all my time working on the updated website.  If you aren’t sure what an Insatagram Pods is you can find out more here.

I have even fond some new crochet charting software, which I’m playing about with at the moment.  I already have some amazing knitting design software, which I highly recommend.  Stitchmastery is a great piece of software you can watch my review below.

Today I’m taking some long awaited time for myself and am off to The Ritz for Afternoon Tea with a friend.  A great girls day out is planned as we run amok in the capital!

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Babs Rudlin

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