BTB8: Alternate Comms

I had a wonderful day in London yesterday.  I treated my friend to a 40th birthday gift of Tea at the Ritz.  We had a sticky, very filling and delicious time!  I highly recommend it of you ever get the opportunity to take tea.


Today I have a lot to get through:

  • guest blog on photography
  • interview answers for a new feature
  • film a video about anxiety awareness
  • schedule a call to discuss future guest blogs
  • complete my secret design project…so close to completing this one now


The final item  which will be first I tackle today is to resolve an issue for a client.  I awoke to a skype message from a client this morning asking why I had not responded to their previous two emails.  They had changed mail servers apparently in the last month and had not received any of my emails since the change over.

I am so glad they reached out via another method of communication!

In this case skype as I was able to respond immediately (from bed no less) that I had replied twice and sent over the information they were looking for. I would be re-sending via skype and we are able to move forward with the project.

Had the client not thought to use an alternate method of communication then it would have been a very difficult issue to resolve.

So my message and tweetable for you all today is:

If one method breaks down use another to check everything is as you expect it to be.  Excellent communication should always be your goal.

It’s not one I always hit, however it is one I aspire to.

Feel free to share the tweetable for today via instagram, facebook, twitter or other social media you may use.

I’ll catch up with you tomorrow, have a productive day!

Babs x




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