BTB9: Contacting Magazines

Wow I got so much done yesterday.  Videos recorded and uploaded, guest blogs submitted, interview with Will our amazing designer, completed ready to post today for you all.

The highlight of yesterday was Stylecraft promoting next weeks Cable Challenge.  Its so empowering to have the support of such an influential company!

Today I will be working/struggling to conquer my nerves.  I will be contacting a variety of magazines in the UK to find the correct/best person to send the press release about our new stitchmarker jewellery.  Its not good sending a beautifully crafted press release to the wrong person.  Journalists are busy folk and they won’t be your messengers around a company.

Today’s tweetable for you:

I will be creating a new video intro sequence to match the new website and setting up some mailchimp newsletters for today.

I’m also starting the double checks for the Cracking Cable Challenge next week.

I will also be re-sizing all the header images for the blog as I much prefer the larger title image, not the small easily lost thumbnail images.

Why do I keep giving myself more work?

I’ll tell you, its because I want the blog to be right and get the standards set before inviting guest bloggers!  Do you fancy being a guest blogger? If so please get in touch with your suggestions for a post.

If I get time I will be working a new fun quiz for you all.

Let me know if any of my tips are working for you and if there is something in particular you would like to know behind the business.




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