Cherish Self Patterning Yarn by King Cole

Yay its time for another review!

If you have been following along on instagram (@afieryphoenix) you will have seen that I have been searching for ways that beginner knitters can create complex looking socks using a really simple pattern.

I found the way!

Using a self patterning yarn, where the yarn dyer has done all the heavy lifting, a simple knit only pattern can create a stunning result.

The yarn I found in my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) was Cherish Baby Yarn from King Cole.  This yarn comes in a glorious selection of colourways and creates the most beautiful fairisle looking patterns as it knits up.

Cherish Yarn is a super soft 100% Anti-pilling yarn perfect for Babies and little ones.

The anti pilling makes it perfect for socks too!

The yarn didn’t split, and was lovely and soft as I worked up the socks.  It fits nicely when worn and shapes well with negative and positive ease around my feet.

As this is a double knit weight yarn it wouldn’t work too well for summer socks but will be perfect for winter warmers which will look great too.

If you want to make up your own version of my example socks you can find the free Beginners Basic Sock knitting pattern over here.


In Summary I like this yarn, although not for summer wear as I believe it would be a bit on the sweaty side. I really look forward to wearing it in the winter and will happily work with it at any time of year.

Yarn Contains:

100% Anti-Pilling Acrylic

100g Balls in a white base with accents as shown in the example of Lilacs below.

  • Rhubarb (blue, pink and green)
  • Sandstone (beige, golden brown and lilac)
  • Water Lilly (pale green, pink and yellow)
  • Stream (light brown, pale blue and mint green)
  • Smoothie (lilac and blue)
  • Candies (light brown, light pink and medium pink)
  • Humbug (greys)
  • Eucalyptus (olive and beige)
  • Lilacs (violet and lilac)
  • Melba (peach, pale red and light green)
  • Rose hip (blue and red)
  • Peach tree (beige, peach and lilac)
  • Aquamarine (teals and light green)
  • Sorbet (lilac, pink and peach)

There are many more colour combinations, with the range including 23 variations, more than enough choice for anyone’s particular preferences.





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