Cracking Cables Challenge Open

“I’ve always steered away from cables…”

“I’m afraid of cables!”

“I want to try cables but they look so complicated…”

“I attempted cables before but I messed them up.”

As a cable nut, I can say wholeheartedly that cables are not hard. They aren’t scary either! In fact, its one of the most impressive and satisfying knitting techniques I use.

Those chunky Aran sweaters that feel like they are hugging you, even as you wear them, are the reason I started knitting cables in the first place.  The moment my first twist appeared in the knit I was hooked!

The 3D texture adds so much interest to any garment from a headband to a full on dress.  After learning how to cable, and there are so many different styles out there, I began incorporating them into my pattern designs.

I want to show you how truly simple cables can be.  So that you not only expand your confidence but also your skills and knitting possibilities.

That’s why I created this 5 day Cracking Cables challenge.  You not only learn to crack the code of cable patterns and charts (it’s simple I promise) by the end of the week you will have created
swatches of some stunning, or cracking as we say in the UK, cables.

There is even a fun mini quiz to take in the run up to the challenge to see which style of cables would suit your personality.

Are you ready to create some cracking cables?  Are you ready to stop feeling afraid, and start feeling empowered by mastering a new knitting skill?  A whole 3D world of huggable projects awaits you!
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Babs Rudlin

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