Easter Family Craft Activities

Something a little different today.  I have to work hard during the holidays.  As you may know my son is autistic, so a life without the routine of the school day is quite frankly hellish!  Over the last few years we have gathered together some of our favourite activities, both indoor and outdoor to keep us busy and on schedule.

So here are 24 of my favourites in the hope you may enjoy them too.  These tutorials from around the web include  yummy Easter food, bunnies, free printables, Easter treats and cupcakes.    Let me know if you have any extra suggestions in the comments.

  • Easter Photo Booth ~ These Easter photo booth props are a fun addition to your Easter pictures.  Give little ones something to keep their hands busy and create cute keepsake photos of your little Easter bunnies this year.  They are also great party favors for all ages if you are hosting this year.

  • Some Bunny Loves You ~ a wonderful idea which teaches generosity plus it can be fun (dropping treats at someone’s door, ringing the bell and running away without getting caught.) I love that they are so excited to do something kind for someone else without getting any recognition for it. It’s at totally selfless act.
  • Bunny Houses {Easter Activity} ~ Building yummy houses is not just for Christmas anymore! This post features the clever idea to have your kids decorate bunny houses! Instead of gingerbread, use sugar biscuits and then icing and sweets to decorate! Festive and fun!  Plus its perfect for my daughter as we can make the biscuits without milk, she’s lactose intolerant.

  • DIY Easter Noughts and Crosses ~  Noughts and crosses, or tic tac toe as out friend in the US call it.  Everyone enjoys a game of naughts and crosses!  Follow this great tutorial to make a festive bunny and chick game using clay and a wooden plaque.
  • Create an Apron from a Tea towel ~ Get ready for a selection of cooking activities with a personalised apron.   Upcycle from a tea towel, you can get two kids aprons from a single tea towel.  You can even add extras, buttons, flowers, applique for a flourish.

  • Bunny Scones {Easter Recipe} ~ These Easter bunny shaped scones are a great addition to your Easter brunch.  The recipe is simple and delicious and they would be perfect brunch fair even without their festive bunny shape.

  • Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles ~ How adorable are these Easter Egg shaped cookie dough truffles?  I love that a typically round treat is shaped into an egg for the perfect festive treat.
  • Bunny Tail Mix ~ A festive Easter treat with the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

  • Easter Petit Fours ~ Petit fours are the perfect bite-sized cake treat.  Use some ready made icing flowers to beautifully adorn them.

  • Bunny and Lamb Easter Sugar Cookies {How-To} ~ These springtime cookies are so adorable.  She shows you how to decorate your own little flock, and also has some great tips and suggestions in her comments for how to freeze and re-use leftover royal icing. Perfect for my Mother In Law as she adores sheep!
  • Easter Egg Terrarium ~ This helpful tutorial will show you step by step how to make a terrarium in a plastic easter egg. Terrariums don’t just have to be for science projects!  Use a beautiful vessel and gorgeous plants and you have a living art piece!

  • Easter Egg Geodes {Easter Ideas} ~ This fun Easter egg project can double as an art project and a science experiment.  Turn your hollowed out Easter eggs into crystal geodes that are not only interesting but beautiful.  Melissa’s Easter egg geode tutorial will walk you through how to make your own with your kids.  My son loves science so this is a winner every time!

  • Homemade Playdoh Filled Easter Eggs {Easy Crafts} ~ I’m always looking for alternatives to chocolate eggs. These pretty little Easter eggs filled with homemade Playdoh are perfect for an Easter egg hunt where guests may not be able to eats sweets. Children will love being able to take home a treat they can play with day after day, and you’’ll love how inexpensive homemade Playdoh is to make. You can’’t find sweets this cheap!

  • Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets ~ What child wouldn’t love making these jelly bean bracelets?  They get to have their cake and eat it too!

  •  Baking Soda Easter Eggs {ornaments} ~ Here is a super fun project your kids will love to help out with! Easy to setup and clean up (always important), with beautiful results, perfect to display for the Easter holiday season! Use this great tutorial to get you started on this festive holiday craft!

  • Origami Easter Bunny {Easter Activities} ~ Keep the older kids busy making these cute origami bunnies, or create them ahead of time, fill with sweets, and use as party favors.
  • Printable Easter Hunt Kit ~ This cute printable kit is a bunny whose footprints and nibbled carrots lead you right to the loot the Easter Bunny left for you!
  • Printable Modern Bunny Mask {Easter Printable} ~ Here is a fun Easter accessory your kids will have a blast with! This bunny mask is featured as a printable, so all you have to do is print, cut out and tie on a string! Easy and fun for the Easter holiday!

  •  Printable Bunny Games ~ Your little bunnies will adore these free printable activities that include a coloring page, decorate an egg, bunny maze, word hunt and tic tac toe.
  • Easter Bunny Cake Pops {Easter Bunny} ~ Bakerella walks you through her latest cute cake pop creation, this time a bunny just in time for Easter.  These cute Easter bunny cake pops will be enjoyed by guests young and old at your Easter celebration.
  • Bunny Cupcakes ~ Adorable Easter bunny cupcakes that have fondant ears and M&M noses.

  • Easter Bunny Macaroons ~ These little bunnies would be a darling addition to any Easter basket, and are sure to taste better than the nasty old Peeps.  And I dare say, they may even look cuter from the back side.


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