Halloween CAL – Joins and Edging

At last we have reached the final section for this Halloween Graphgan Blanket.

The joins and a choice of two borders are below.

The best part is I’m sharing this beauty with you as a FREE Crochet Along!

I am very proud of this dsign and am so pleased that so many folk have decided to create their own Halloween Graphgan blankets.

We have at last reached the end and can finally begin joining and edging the blanket.

Blanket Layout

Following the layout below join blocks together in pairs, then join the pairs to form each row.  Then join the rows together to create the blanket.  Pay special attention to the joining of the borders to ensure accurate vertical lines.

Joining can be any format you are comfortable to use.  It is more important to me that you have a completed blanket than you use my choice of join.  A simple double crochet join will work just fine.

That being said the join I used I call a top down braid join.  There is a video below to demonstrate the join using a lighter yarn so you can follow along.  However the join for this blanket should be made using a black yarn to complete the border between blocks.

Top Down Braid Join

Place the two blocks next to each other, you will be working between the two left to right.  The left block will be worked with a double crochet, the right will be a simple slip stitch from the TOP DOWN.  The direction of the slip stitch is very important to achieve the pretty braid effect for this join.

  • Left/front block dc
  • Right/back block ss from the top of the block

Continue this process along the entire length of the join finishing with a slipstitch.

Border the Blanket

Now the blanket has been formed we are going to finish off. I have given you two options the first for a simple clean edge which mirrors the clean design perfectly, the second uses a wave edging which I personally love.

For both the first round will be completed in half trebles with three chain stitches at each corner in light grey.

Clean Edge

Finish off with trebles in dark grey and a chain three in each corner.

Wave Edge

Finish off with a flourish using the wave border in dark grey.  There need to be a multiple of 4 stitches to create the individual waves, having created 4 rows by four columns this should be just fine, but if necessary add in an extra stitch or two at the corners to give you an even wave count.

  • Start in a corner
  • ch 3 (for a treble), 3 tc
  • ch4, turn your work (setting up the wave above the treble base)
  • ss in the top of the 1st tc in the batch of 4, turn your work back to the front.  You have just created a loop for your wave.
  • *7 tc along the loop
  • 4 tc along the edge of the blanket
  • ch 4, turn your work
  • ss round the first post in the base row of 4, ch1, turn your work back to the right side *
  • rep * to * around the rest of the blanket.


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