How to knit socks – a beginners guide

First of all, relax. I’m not about to try and teach you how to knit a sock in just one blog post. Hopefully, in my last post I managed to spark your interest and at least get you thinking along the sock knitting lines.


Today, I’d like you to grab a cup of tea and join me as I take you through a useful series of resources which I think will really help to become a Sock Knitter (with capital letters) as smoothly as possible.


There are many different sock knitting techniques out there but for now I would put these on hold and concentrate on using DPNs (double pointed needles) to make a plain, cuff down sock. There is plenty of time to get your head around other techniques later on once you’ve mastered the basics.


Silver’s Sock Class – an online tutorial

First things first, go and check out this excellent online tutorial aimed at the absolute beginner. The one thing I would say is to read this through once or twice before even picking up your needles just to try and get your head around the concept. Then grab your needles and your yarn and go for it – follow the instructions exactly and just work each stage as you come to it. try not to overthink it. The main issue with sock knitting is that there are a few steps where three-dimensional changes happen (for example at the heel turn) and until you have actually knit a sock it is difficult to get your brain to follow along. Just relax – have more tea – and follow the instructions to the letter.


Super Socks.

If you prefer to learn from a book I can highly recommend Super Socks – Knit a pair of Socks with Winwick Mum aka Christine Perry.. This is an excellent resource for a beginner and she also runs a very helpful and chatty Facebook group. This is a wonderful group of people all of whom started out just like you and who are happy and willing to help others.


Sock Anatomy by Clare Devine

Another excellent resource for beginners. This book takes you through every step of the sock knitting process in detail and allows you to practice on small-sized samples. Ideal for trying out new techniques without committing to a full sized sock.


In person

If you are the sort of person who learns best by seeing the techniques demonstrated in person it is well worth checking at your local yarn shop. More shops are offering sock classes now and it can be fun to learn along with others. Many shops offer several classes so you can grow your skills and try out new techniques in your sock knitting journey. If you don’t have a local shop which can help keep an eye on the knitting press for upcoming shows and knitting festivals. Many have a programme of classes which run alongside the show and you can learn from visiting tutors who are experts in their field.


Above all else, relax and have fun with it. At the end of the day as long as you can cast on, work knit and purl stitches and basic decreases, you can knit a sock.


Why not give it a go and make 2017 your Year of the Sock?


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Louise Tillbrook

Louise Tilbrook is a knitter, designer and blogger who is passionate about knitting socks and keen to convert as many people as possible to the Way of the Sock. You can find her website at and you can see her designs for sale on Ravelry. She also runs a fun and active Ravelry group and spends way too much time on Instagram.

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