Preparing your Quilt

When is a quilt not a quilt?

Before it has had the wadding and backing added it is simply a piece or patchwork sheet.

No doubt beautiful in design and creation it has a long way to go before becoming the piece of artistry that is a quilt.

This is the first in a series of tutorials surrounding the mystery of taking your piece or patch work top sheet and turning it into that most wonderful of creations a quilt!


No matter what design or blocks you have added, sashed or patched you will not have yet created a quilt. There are several key stages yet to be completed, each of which are covered in a separate tutorial.

Each item listed below is linked to a detailed tutorial, these show how I carry out these tasks and I hope they assist you in completing your quilt with style.

  • Tidying your top piece and sourcing the wadding or batting and the back fabric.
  • Basting the quilt pieces together
  • Quilting by hand
  • Quilting with sewing machine
  • Sizing the quilted piece, measuring for the binding
  • Creating the binding – Straight of Grain
  • Creating the binding – Bias Binding
  • Adding the binding
  • Finishing the binding by machine
  • Finishing the binding by hand

If you want to put your newly learned quilting skills to the test sign up for the next 5 Day Quilt Challenge.  It’s FREE and will provide you with loads of learning and support.

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Babs Rudlin

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