Sexy Slipknot

I recently learned a new technique to create a fast and sexy slipknot.

No more fumbling with curling yarn and it looks really impressive to boot!

A perfect technique to create what I call a sexy slipknot for Cross Stitch, quilting, sewing, crochet and of course knitting!

As you know I’m all about sharing new techniques as I learn them so here is a short video demonstrating this Sexy Slipknot 😉

Enjoy and feel free to show off at your next craft class or group.



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Babs Rudlin

I play with colour in both fabric and fiber. Creating patterns, challenges and tutorials for beginners and those who wish to learn new skills. My youtube channel is I provide reviews, tutorials, how to and more as services for other creators and service providers. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you today!

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