Learn to knit your own Snuggly warm Handmade Socks

"This self paced course will teach you how to express your Sock Love!"

Sock Love Master Class Enrollment is now closed for this session.

  We will be re-opening for enrollment in the fall. Drop your details below to sign up for more information once the course re-opens for autumn 2017.

Knitting Socks need not be complex or frightening

So many types of heel, toes, grafting or hinge flaps.  Kitchener stitch can be terrifying! 

I have been told of so many problems which stop people from knitting their perfect socks.

What does 'Turn a heel' actually mean?

Why are there holes in my heels?

Two socks at once!  How it that possible?

What's a toe up or a flap?

I can't manage to graft with Kitchener, its too hard....

Well, that's true. If you haven't been shown how to knit a sock.

When you haven't learned the basics how can you expect to knit a well made sock?

A Self-Paced Guided Course Allows you to learn which skills suit your style of knitting the best - and Makes it Easier to knit a pair of comfy socks

The Sock Love Masterclass will begin on 12th June 2017

​Course enrollment has now opened with the first 15 students receiving some amazing extra bonuses.

There is a support group, live Q&A sessions with Babs Rudlin of Fiery Phoenix, the course instructor, and downloadable workbooks, homework and tutorial videos for every stage of the course.

By the end of the course you will have developed your ability to knit with confidence. So that you can take on this amazing design: Toe Up Mariner Sock, by Katalin Beth. 

Easy to follow downloadable PDF workbooks for each topic

A purposely charted path to grow both your confidence and skills

Online tutorials in an exclusive student only access area

No Need to Suffer through Lack of Knowledge - I Am Sharing My Love of Comfy Socks with the World!

I have broken everything I learned down into 9 easy to follow workbooks.

You will be walked through the process of knitting socks, following a carefully mapped out path.  No need to feel under pressure as you can set your own pace.

You are not alone as you learn along with a group of other Sock Love Masterclass Students.

Each week there is a different sock pattern to download and a PDF Workbook to accompany the course.  Plus there's homework to reinforce the learning each week and boost your confidence and skills.

So what exactly WILL I learn?

  • Week 1 - The Basics. Anatomy of the sock, creating templates, yarn selection, swatching, necessary notions and more.
  • Week 2 - My First Socks. Casting on with double pointed needles, circular needles, Magic Loop Method, how to read a simple knitting pattern.
  • Week 3 - Crafty Cuffs. Learn 6 types of cuff, i-cord cast on, how to create a stretchy cuff that's not too tight.
  • Week 4 - Happy Heels. The anatomy of a heel within a sock, how to avoid gaps, 6 types of heel including Fish Lips Kiss heel, re-enforced and heel flaps.
  • Week 5 - Tailored Toes. Anatomy of toes both in socks and the real world, 6 types of toe including cinched, start, anatomically correct and wedge.
  • Week 6 - Topsy Turvy. Toe Up vs Cuff Down, how to cast on with my favourite method, the differences in FIsh Lips Kiss heel for a toe up sock, toe up versions of toes learned in week 5.
  • Week 7 - Twice the Fun. Single Sock Syndrome, measuring yarn for two socks, casting on for two at a time.
  • Week 8 - Bring a Little Colour. Working with two colours, reading a colour chart, reading a mosaic chart, reading a Fair Isle chart, juggling your multiple balls of yarn.
  • Week 9 - Master Your Skills. Bring everything that you have learned together to knit up a pair of Toe Up Mariner Socks, with the support of the group and Babs.

The answer to your sock frustrations  - Sock Love Masterclass

The self paced online knitting course that is the Perfect Solution to these frustrations.

Learn from my success with a carefully crafted course to build you skills and confidence throughout the 9 weeks until you too can create stunning, well fitted socks.  You too can share in the Sock Love.

  1. Self Paced Course: No need to feel undue pressure to complete everything at once, although there will be a bundle of goodies to be gifted at random to a student who completes the course during the 9 weeks.
  2. Techniques Included: 6 toe styles, 6 heels styles, 6 cuff styles that's over 200 combinations to create your perfect sock!
  3. Time to Shine: You will be able to show off and share your awesome accomplishments with the group and the world.

See what some of my past students have to say:

"Thank you for your amazing tutorials!..."

I am an absolute beginner, I've been struggling to find a way to figure out what the different stitches are used for and your videos have been of great help!


"You always explain and demonstrate things so clearly...."

"Thanks from this beginner!"

Terri Looney 

Early Registration Bonuses...

A Special Bonus for the first 5 students to enroll in the Sock Love Masterclass:       (£30 value)

 - a skein of hand dyed, sock weight yarn to use for the course

 - a set of 6 exclusive stitchmarkers

 - a collection of sock patterns from a mixture of talented designers

*** 1st Level Bonuses are now SOLD OUT ***

A Special Bonus for the next 10 students to enroll in the Sock Love Masterclass:       (£15 value)

 - a set of 6 exclusive stitchmarkers

 - a collection of sock patterns from a mixture of talented designers

"So informative!"

"Babs thank you so much for this, I love that you showed when things went wrong too!"

  Deb Bremer

"Thank you!!!"

Your pattern & being able to see it put together for a visual learner is incredibly helpful!

Tajkatt Tyler 

"Oh, my god, I can't believe someone actually managed to explain this so simply"

I've actively avoided patterns that required me to switch colors just because I couldn't stand trying to join the bloody yarns. This is SOOO much easier!


Do you have any Last-Minute Questions?

When does the course begin?

The Sock Love Masterclass will begin on 12th June 2017, Enrollment has now opened with the first 15 students receiving some amazing extra bonuses.

How is the course delivered?

Newsletters will provide links to the weeks downloads, PDF workbooks and patterns.  You will have access to a student only section of the Fiery Phoenix website to view the video tutorials and re-download any missed files.

Where is the group access?

A secret group in Facebook will be used to share learning and to host the live stream for Q&A sessions.  This way we can  all share any mistakes in a safe and friendly supportive space.

What do I need to know before I sign up?

You will need to be able to cast on, knit and purl and finally cast off.  I have tutorials for all these skills if you have never picked up knitting needles before and you wish to prep before starting the course. All new skills will be taught during the course.

What if I can't keep up?

There is no pressure to 'keep up' with anyone else.  You can take your time to get the benefit of the course around your schedule, with lifetime access.

Initially Sock Love Masterclass will launch in the second week of June 2017, with the content released weekly. 

From then on new subscribers can tackle the content at their own pace, either going faster if there is the luxury of time.  Or as is more likely at a slower pace as life has a tendency to get in the way. 

Throughout the course there will be regular email updates to encourage you to continue on with your learning.  I want to ensure you gain the skills and confidence you signed up for!

"When you find the methods which best suit your knitting style you can fly, sharing Sock Love with friends and family.”

P.S.: Don't forget the Extra Bonuses are strictly limited to the first 15 students who enroll. Signup to the course, which begins June 2017, this is your opportunity to score some fabulous extra goodies right now or you will be missing out. The first level of bonuses have all been snapped up less than 10 left of the second level!