Trigonus CAL Week 3 – Making a Rainbow US Terms

Now its time to create a blanket!

More practice using the Top Down Rope Join

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Some amazing photos and great co-operation between you have have resulted in a multitude of triangles and strips being created.  Beautiful images and I’m so happy to see my creation coming to life in so many blankets.

Week 3  UK version click here!

If you need a reminder for the Top Down Rope Join see below:

Now the strips have been created they need to be joined together as below:

  • Violet (or Heather) – 1 triangle
  • Indigo – 5 triangles
  • Storm – 9 triangles
  • Teal – 13 triangles
  • Old Gold – 17 triangles
  • Coral – 18 triangles
  • Cherry – 15 triangles
  • Raspberry – 11 triangles
  • Plum – 7 triangles
  • Heather – 3 triangles

To be clear this is the order from top right to bottom left of the blanket.  Please make sure that you are assembling the strips the right way up.  A simple mistake to make which will completely throw out the alignment of the blanket. See the image below. The orientation of individual triangles does not matter as they have equal sides, however the arrangement when joined does matter.

When joining the rows work in each stitch both sides of the join.  For the centre of each group of 6 I work through all three pairs of triangles.  I use the edge loops through each of the 6 corners to ensure they are tight and secure.  Let me know if a live stream is needed for this section if you are having difficulty with it.

Once all the strips are joined together we can now move onto the start of the border.  Our first step is to create a single crochet edge in biscuit, all the way around the outer edge of the complete blanket.  One single crochet in each stitch with a chain 2 at each outer corner, remember to include the ziz zag edges when making your chain 2 corners.


How to Complete the Top Down Rope Join

Place two strips next to each other. You will be working right to left to make the join so keep this in mind when moving down the strips.

  • Join your yarn to the first triangle , the one in front, with a slip stitch
  • Work a single crochet
  • Moving to the matching stitch on the second triangle insert your hook from the TOP down through the back triangle and work a single slip stitch.
  • Move back to the front triangle and work a single crochet
  • Slip stitch from the top down through the back triangle
  • Repeat until you reach the end of the single side and add the next triangle.




It’s great to see people using the correct hashtag.  This means there will a lovely lot of you in the running for the amazing prizes.

For everyone who takes part and share photos using the hashtag #TrigonusCAL you will receive a complete PDF Pattern for this project.



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