Trigonus CAL Finishing Your Border – Wk4 US Terms

Finally you can complete your pretty Baby blanket with a stunning peekaboo border.

The greens come out to play in this gradient ripple border

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Some stunning creations and even a ull single bed sized version are being created in the Yarn Jugglers group.  I truly appreciate all your support for this pretty design.

Week 4  UK version click here!

By now you should have your strips assembled and a single layer of biscuit surrounding your baby blanket.  Next we will begin the base for the ripple border.  We will be working anticlockwise for these instructions.

Take your Olive yarn and work a series of double crochet around the entire blanket in each stitch.

Starting anywhere along the bottom edge of the blanket, away from the corners, with a ch3 for your first double, work  dc around the entire blanket.

Miss the middle two stitches at the base of your points and add a chain 3 at the tip of each point.

Once you reach the first dc, slip stitch and tie off.

Onto the peekaboo layer

With biscuit, or cream if using up your carousel leftovers, join your yarn in the first stitch after the bottom left corner.

Create a double crochet for your first stitch, then chain 3, work a single crochet into the third stitch along.

Repeat the chain 3 and sc until you reach the bottom right corner.  Adjust your spacing in the final chain 3 gap if needed to reach the corner using a sc.

Ch3 to get around the corner then repeat (sc, ch1) until you reach the stitch next to the bottom stitch of the dip.

Again single crochet to secure in the stitch before the dip and single  crochet into the second stitch after the dip.

Repeat this until you return to the start and slip stitch a chain 3 into the first stitch.


To recap

Single crochet with a chain 3 bridging three stitches between each sc.  Aim to have a chain 3 at both the base and the tip of each point.  Remember to skip 2 stitches at the base of the dips using a chain 3 to bridge the gap.

If you need to adjust your stitch count slightly to make these tips and dips align go ahead.  Once adjusted you won’t need to worry again.


Now we move on to working the teal layer

In any ch3 space on the bottom join and ch3 as your first double, dc2 more in the chain space,* ch1, dc3 in the ch sp*  Rep * to * until the botton left corner

Once more you will be using a ch3 to move around the corners, then continue on with dc3, ch1 in the chain spaces until you reach the bottom of the dip.

Dc3, dc3 in each of the last chain spaces before and after the dip, then return to the standard ch1, dc3 repeated to the tip.

Continue on until you reach the start then slip stitch into the top of the ch3, tie off.

Repeat another layer of peekaboo in  biscuit, or cream

The final  green is a layer of Pistachio, which repeats the teal layer instructions

Onto the last layer of biscuit or cream, starting anywhere on the bottom row, sc in each stitch with a ch3 at each tip and skipping the centre 2 stitches in the dips.  Join the ends with a slip stitch.

Weave in the end and you are done.


Thank you for taking part in this CAL, I hope you enjoy your Trigonus Blanket.



It’s great to see people using the correct hashtag.  This means there will a lovely lot of you in the running for the amazing prizes.

For everyone who takes part and share photos using the hashtag #TrigonusCAL you will receive a complete PDF Pattern for this project.






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