Valentine Fabric Origami Candle Mat

This is a stunning table mat which looks complex but in reality is a very simple make.

You can gussy it up with fancy trimmings, quilting, binding, buttons and bows.

However I’m going to take you through the basic and slightly more complex options. Once you have made one the sky is the limit with extras.

This pattern is a simple design based on the 30 degree, 12 petal, dresden blade template. There is a downloadable version, (use the orange button below) which you can print out for the Free template,  or if you have your own template you can use that.


If using your own template make sure it is the 12 blade version

If you accidentally use the 20 blade version your mat won’t sit flat and you will need to unpick. Trust me on this. I made that mistake during the testing for this pattern and it took an age to unpick and resew!

The design and template work at any size so if your blocks end up larger or smaller you won’t need to resize the template.  Simply extend the lines as needed.

Due to the number of requests (1,000s) I will be releasing a multi sized pattern for sale, which includes both an additional coaster and tree skirt size version in time for Christmas.

The Seam Allowance for this project is 1/4″ throughout.

The majority of the time taken for this pattern in in the prep so lets get started already!

You Will Need

For Both Versions

  • fusible interfacing – medium, 12 squares of 5.5″
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • iron and pressing mat

Basic Version

  • 12 squares of 6″ in fabric 1
  • 12 squares of 6″ in fabric 2

Bordered Mat

  • 12 squares of 6″ in fabric 1
  • 12 squares of 4.5″ in fabric 2
  • strips of the border fabric of 2″ wide

Please Note:

This sizing allows for the seam allowance and a slight 1/4″ extra to allow for correct alignment when matching with the back square.  The video has incorrect sizing however as long as the back block matches the front block you will be all set to go.

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