Yarn: Behind the Business

I am so excited to be launching a second stream to Fiery Phoenix.  Those who know me realise how much I relish helping others past their business blocks.

In a previous non yarn life I was a Business Development Manager for  multi national corporations.  I sorted problems, smoothed the flow of cash and fixed customer issues.  I like to keep life simple and easy.

As a result I noticed that there are a selection of questions which come up time and time again from those running their own yarn based businesses.

How can I link with others for collaborations or sponsorships?

How do I set up a mailing list?

How can I get my facebook group to become active and a community?


As a result I have created a new section to the website and a new Facebook group where Yarn Entrepeneurs can ask and get answers to this type of question, without boring the pure hobbyists in the process.

If you are looking for ways to build your business freedom, are looking for pointers or a mini roadmap to set you on your own path then come join the fun!

Join the Fun in the FREE Facebook Group


There is also a bonus offer of three months FREE Featured listing in our own Craft Directory when you join the business freedom and growth mailing list which you can join below.



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Babs Rudlin

I play with colour in both fabric and fiber. Creating patterns, challenges and tutorials for beginners and those who wish to learn new skills. My youtube channel is www.youtube.com/myfieryphoenix I provide reviews, tutorials, how to and more as services for other creators and service providers. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you today!

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