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small5skirts5daysOh yes I've gone plum loco!

I will teach you all the skills you need to complete 5 different skirts in just 5 days.

This is a fun challenge to upskill in sewing, no major requirements just join in the fun and share your sucesses and failures.

I will help you fix any problems and we can all meet a ton of new sewing buddies.

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Only 6 weeks To Santa!

Which means that its time for the Christmas Crafts to make their way to the blog.

I have been enjoying myself immensely playing around with a whole range of festive tutorials for you all!

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napkin-titleTable settings are a missive part of the Festivities in our house. New napkins, table cloths, table settings and special Chsitmas Crockery comes out each and every year, not to forget the special posh cutlery!

Christmas gets extra special stuff just as it did at Mum's when I was little.

Today I share with you how to create posh and professional mitre corners for your festive napkins.

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A charming little pincushion for the spooky season featuring a Sugar Skull.

Celebrate Day of the Dead with a Sugar Skull Pincushion

A free template with a selection of designs ready for you to embroider for your own mini Sugar Skull.


Read more: Sugar Skull Pincushion


Hurrah a fab Sewing Giveaway from Willam Gee UK, London based haberdashers, sewing since 1906.

Win a Bundle of Sewing Magazines and a Goodie Bag

Two prizes of Sewing Magazine Bundles with a top prize that includes a Goodie Bag to boot!

Read more: Autumn Sewing Giveaway

slipknot-titleI recently learned a new technique to create a fast and eay slipknot.

No more fumbling with curling yarn and it looks really impressive to boot!

A perfect technique to create what I call a sexy slipknot for Cross Stitch, quilting, sewing, crochet and fo course knitting!

Read more: Sexy Slipknot

borders-titleAt last we have reached the final section for this Halloween Graphgan Blanket.

The joins and a choice of two borders are below. 

The best part is I'm sharing this beauty with you as a FREE Crochet Along!

Read more: Halloween CAL - Joins and Edging

cauldron-titleHere we are with the Final block design in the Monochrome Halloween CAL.

The Witches Cauldron Block has arrived.

We have a witches hat and cat already in this design so our final block is her cauldron.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Cauldron Block

candy-titleHere we are with the Seventh block design in the Monochrome Halloween CAL.

The Candy Block is ready to make.

I considered a candy corn shape for this block but decided against it as candy corn must have colour and the blanket is monochrome.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Candy Block


I was at the Knitting and Stitch Show this past weekend, at Ally Pally, and as expected was on overload as I went around all the lovely stalls and galleries. 

Luckily Mum was there in case my brain exploded at all the gorgeous inspiration!

Whilst there I spotted Sock Blanks and of course I bought some... but now I find myself having to answer just why I bought a blank and what the heck its for?

Read more: What the Heck is a Sock Blank?

hat-titleWell over half way now and another double direction block pattern for you with th witches hat.

Now we are into much simpler colour changes for the last three designs!

If you have been following along by now you will have skulls, bats, spiders, cats and ghost blocks completed.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Hat Block

Cat-titleWell done you have reached the halfway point fo the Halloween CAL.  Today the Cat block is released.

Less legs but more complex than the spider!

By now you should have completed doubles of each of the previous blocks.  This time around there are two different cats to create.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Cat Block

skulll-titleWelcome to the fourth block in the Halloween Monochrome Graphgan CAL.

The not so scary Skull Block is here for you.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Skull Block

bat-blockHere we are with the third block design in the Monochrome Halloween CAL.

The Swooping Bat Block is ready to make.

The throw contains 16 blocks and by now you should have completed two of the ghost block and two of the spider bock.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Bat Block

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