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I was at the Knitting and Stitch Show this past weekend, at Ally Pally, and as expected was on overload as I went around all the lovely stalls and galleries. 

Luckily Mum was there in case my brain exploded at all the gorgeous inspiration!

Whilst there I spotted Sock Blanks and of course I bought some... but now I find myself having to answer just why I bought a blank and what the heck its for?

Read more: What the Heck is a Sock Blank?

hat-titleWell over half way now and another double direction block pattern for you with th witches hat.

Now we are into much simpler colour changes for the last three designs!

If you have been following along by now you will have skulls, bats, spiders, cats and ghost blocks completed.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Hat Block

Featured in Blog postWow!

I have been listed at number 10 in this article detailing projects from UK Craft Bloggers.

It's great to have my work found and recognised by others. This is not a paid for linking this is pure organic reach!

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Cat-titleWell done you have reached the halfway point fo the Halloween CAL.  Today the Cat block is released.

Less legs but more complex than the spider!

By now you should have completed doubles of each of the previous blocks.  This time around there are two different cats to create.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Cat Block

skulll-titleWelcome to the fourth block in the Halloween Monochrome Graphgan CAL.

The not so scary Skull Block is here for you.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Skull Block

bat-blockHere we are with the third block design in the Monochrome Halloween CAL.

The Swooping Bat Block is ready to make.

The throw contains 16 blocks and by now you should have completed two of the ghost block and two of the spider bock.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Bat Block

spider-titleHere we are with the second block design in the Monochrome Halloween CAL.

The Many Legged Spider Block is ready for you.

The throw contains 16 blocks and by now you should have completed two of the ghost block.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Spider Block

ghost blockWelcome to the first block in the Halloween Monochrome Graphgan CAL.

The spooky treat begins with the Ghost Block.

Read more: Halloween CAL - Ghost Block



Getting ready for the Halloween Graphgan you will need to understand how to create a Corner to Corner, or C2C blanket.

C2C is the basis for the Halloween CAL

It is a simple repeat pattern which is great for building confidence for beginners or the nervous.



Read more: How To Crochet Corner to Corner

Halloween CALTo celebrate the season of spooks and witches I have created a monochrome Hallowe'en Graphgan Blanket. 

The best part is I'm sharing this beauty with you as a FREE Crochet Along!

Read more: Halloween CAL

bands-titleExcitement mounts as we move on to the cream and red bands, which make up the vibrant carousel portion of the Stylecraft CAL. 

Once I had created this element it gave the project a real Fairground tent vibe.

A simple relaxing motif repeat to clear the way before the next part in two weeks.

Read more: Carousel CAL Part2: Bands

Batik Carousel CALMy oh my it has been a busy week! 

I am so proud to let you know I have been asked to create the Stylecraft Official Tutorials for this amazing design by Sue Pinner.

Check out the details for the first installment right here...

Read more: Carousel CAL Part1: Centre Motif

Carousel CAL - Special

Hurrah the amazing Stylecraft Carousel CAL will be launching soon, on the 13th  September to be exact.  I have already bought my Batik yarn and can't wait! 

Here's my guide to prepping for your next knitting or crochet project. 

Read more: Carousel CAL

Owl Shawl CALCreated by fledgling crochet designer Babs Rudlin, the Owl Shawl is a gorgeous crochet pattern which is perfect for the summer CAL (Crochet Along).


Read more: Owl Shawl CAL

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