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Before we begin sewing attach the fusible interfacing to all 12 squares of fabric 1.

Check with the makers information to be sure but generally the shiny side has the adhesive and needs to be fabric side down.

Press it into place on the wrong side of the fabric. In short the wrong side of the fabric should be up against the shiny side of the interfacing.

Press on a warm setting.


Now we can start to sew!

Bordered Version

  • Sew the border strips to the smaller squares of fabric
  • I chain piece these one side at a time, then clip apart
  • Press open towards the darker fabric, and repeat for the remaining sides


Remaining steps for both versions

  • Pair up fabric 1 and 2 squares right sides together for all 12 sections
  • Sew around all 4 edges leaving a 2" gap for turning
  • Clip the corners diagonally to reduce bulk


  • Turn the squares and press out the corners using a chopstick.. DO NOT use scissors, pins or anything which could mark or cut the fabric
  • Press the squares flat and ensure the turning gap is folded under


  • Top stitch around the edge, which gives a nice professional looking finish and closes the turning gap at the same time


  • Using the template mark the sew lines on fabric 1
  • marking-dresden-wedgemarked-up

Now for the fun part...

  • Pair up the squares and sew along the marked stitch lines.



  • This will join up all 12 petals and the mat should lay flat.
  • To give the petals their delicate curves we will sew a top stitched spine through the centre of each panel.


  • Now on the final stage of sewing the tips of the petals together
  • Take the edges of the panel and draw them together across the centre of the base
  • Pin all 12 to make sure you have them meeting correctly. This will give you a good idea of how the final mat will look



  • I use the button hole stitch set with a stitch length of 0 and using step 2 to join the petals together


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